Aloha Volleyball Club 2013 – Welcome to the Bay Area Boys VB scene!  The new kids on the block.  My son and family were glad to be part of this maiden voyage of Club Volleyball.

We thoroughly enjoyed, all the way around!  14 year old son improve his volleyball skills? CHECK

Skilled coaching with organized and pre-planned practices? CHECK.

Location as close as it gets to the Evergreen area of San Jose? CHECK.

High-level and challenging youth BOYS volleyball? CHECK.

Competitive tournaments, exciting games? CHECK!

Local CA travel only but with option to travel further? CHECK CHECK.

Some coin still left in my pocket? (Affordable) CHECK! CHECK!

Friendly, supportive parents? CHECK.

Enjoyed together as a family? CHECK CHECK and more CHECK.

Wide awake early a.m. starts? UGHHH (gotta keep it real too) As we made a splash at tournaments, it was fun hearing the whispers of, “Who are these guys?!” I felt like that Jamaican bobsled team! We should’ve had a song for us. It was also fun telling other Club Team parents that we weren’t actually from Hawaii, collectively as a team, but that individually I was. I appreciate this Club’s goal and focus to make volleyball at the club level more available. Aloha Volleyball is volleyball for all.

– Arnold (16 Power)

Our family spent four years with club volleyball for my daughter. Successful club volleyball requires serious commitment from the players, coaches and families. Our very best experience in the four years was with Aloha Volleyball Club. Not only is the coaching staff experienced and professional, but they make an effort to connect with the players to bring out their very best. The training and confidence my daughter left with was unmatched by her previous experiences. Aloha Volleyball Club concentrates on enhancing both the technical skills of the player and their ability to play as a team, not as an individual.  We recommend Aloha Volleyball Club for any volleyball family who wants a competitive, high energy, but positive experience for their young players. In a word, we had an “awesome” experience.  

David and Shannon Sepulveda, Gilroy CA

18 Girls Power
Our daughter has been playing volleyball since she was in the sixth grade. She has played with two other club team but the pass season (2014) she played for ALOHA. She continuously would say how much she is improving her skills. The coaches have great credentials and will push the girls to excel. This pass school season our daughter received honors of being name First Team All-League and the Libero of the Year award. We are proud to say that ALOHA coaches have helped her prepare for the college level. She will graduate high school in 2015.  The Aloha volleyball club staff and coaches really strive to help every one of their players play to their ability and teach great ethics of how to trust your teammates like family.  Also, the coaches and staff are approachable and want every player to succeed. We are very happy with ALOHA and will return next season.  

Monica and Joe Kirkendall (18-Aloha)

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